Respiratory Gating System AZ-733VI


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What is Respiratory Gating?

In recent years, according to the development of the irradiation technology of radiotherapy, highly accurate methods have been used in clinical application. The movement of target which is caused by respiratory displacement leads to the expansion of delivery range in treatment plan or the degradation of accuracy of position in treatment. In the image diagnosis, it also generates CT image artifacts and PET image blur, which affect to the reliability of acquired images.
To realize the optimal support for this treatment and imaging related to respiratory displacement, such devices are required that have the ability to detect respiration with high accuracy and to output a signal synchronized to a phase of the acquired respiratory waveform to radiotherapy equipment or image diagnostic equipment.

What is Anzai Medical's Respiratory Gating?

The Respiratory Gating System AZ-733VI supplied by Anzai Medical has reached to a quarter of a century from its development and come to a completed version.
It has higher performance on accuracy, convenience, extensibility and optimization than the former model AZ-733V as well as a higher cost performance. It will show its excellent effect more and more in the future on the scene where respiratory displacement support is required.

List of Connectable External Equipment

Anzai Medical's Respiratory Gating System has been sold worldwide and its sales result has reached to about 1,500 unit. Currently following radiotherapy equipment and image diagnostic equipment from each company are connectable for use to Anzai Respiratory Gating System.


  • Toshiba Medical Systems



Linear Accelerator


Particle Therapy

  • Sumitomo Heavy Industries
  • Toshiba
  • Hitachi
  • Mitsubishi Electric