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User Comment

Medipolice Proton Therapy and Research Center
Radiation Oncologist Dr. Takashi Ogino
Modality: Proton Beam Treatment System (Mitsubishi Electric)
Purpose of use: Respiratory Gating delivery on lung and lever tumor

Dr. Ogino has observed the setting of National Cancer Center Hospital East, the first proton beam treatment facility in Japan in 1996, and has relations with the Respiratory Gating System by Anzai Medical more than ten years. As respiratory gating delivery is indispensable for proton beam treatment, which concentrates radiation to a cancer focus while reducing an influence to normal tissue and that is a main feature of this treatment, we'd like to introduce the comment from the doctor of abundant clinical experiences on respiratory gating radiotherapy.
"Though early respiratory gating system by Anzai Medical had some difficulty with handling respiratory sensors, current laser Sensor is convenient for applying to patients and the acquired respiratory waveform has reliable correlativity with the target. Generally it is said that respiratory gating delivery takes longer treatment time and is inefficient comparing to normal delivery. But if patient's cooperation is gained, it won't take so much time in practice.
Since the time for fixing patient, which is inevitable, has a large portion of the total treatment time, rather pointing out that respiratory gating delivery causes inefficiency of treatment time, the treatment not to utilize the merit of proton beam, that is to suppress the side effects of radiation treatment (such as an inflammation of normal tissue and cancer caused by low dose exposure), may relatively have more risks. It looks strange that examples of respiratory gating delivery at overseas particle radiotherapy facilities are not so many."

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Which sensitivity is superior, Load Cell or Laser Sensor?

Basically there is no difference on the sensitivity.
Load Cell is a contact type and Laser Sensor is a non-contact type. It is important to use proper type according to the application. For PET-CT with deep gantry, Load Cell is easy to use. For radiotherapy or the case of using fixture, Laser Sensor is easy to use.

What is the difference between Load Cell High/Low (733V) and DEEP/STANDARD (733VI)?

High and DEEP are used for patients with large respiration movement. Low and STANDARD is used for patients with relatively small respiration movement.

Test signal is not output.

"TEST SIGNAL" must be enabled on the software.
All component such as a Sensor must be connected.
In the case that "Test Signal on Display" is displayed on the lower right of the screen and still no Test Signal is displayed, perform Magnification/ Position adjustment.

How to connect multiple external devices to one Respiratory Gating System AZ-733VI?

Dedicated cable and interface board is required for each external device.
Additional cables may be required depending on the layout of the installing site.

When replacing current Respiratory Gating System AZ-733V to AZ-733VI, is the cable for AZ-733V utilized for AZ-733VI?

Since conversion cables are provided, it is not necessary to wire new cables.