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Stable Xenon Gas Rebreathing System



Anzai's new model of Xe-CTSystem is the best solution not only for popular CBF but also Pulmonary Ventilation and Hepatic Arterial/Portal Blood Flow measurement.


Dimension W:480×D:550×H:1030mm
Weight Approx.80kg
Power Supply AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Applied Gas Xe gas : high-pressure cylinder
O2 gas : wall-outlet
Sensor Inhaled O2 gas sensor
Inhaled Xe gas sensor
Exhaled Xe gas monitor
Exhaled CO2 gas monitor


Xe/CT Image Processing & Analysis System FDA510(K) Pending

PC Laptop PC : windows XP
Cross Section 6 levels
Software CBF / HBF/ Pulmonary Ventilation



Xenon CT-CBF Image 1 Nomal Volantea


CBF:Cerebral Blood Flow [mL/100g tissue/min]

Xenon CT-CBF Image 2


Xenon CT-CBF Image 3 Med.Phys.35(6),June 2008


Ka :Arterial Xenon rate Constant [min -1 ]

Xenon CT Lung Image  (Pulmonary emphysema)


Xenon CT-Liver Image 1 (Tissue Blood Flow map)


Confidence:Error Mean Square[HU 2 ]
λ:Xenon Solubility Coefficient
PVTBF:Portal Veinous Tissue Blood Flow
HATBF:Hepatic Arterial Tissue Blood Flow
THTBF:Total Hepatic Tissue Blood Flow

Xenon CT-Liver Image 2 (λ map)


L/S ratta:Liver/Spleen CT-numaber ratio